Jul _16 - today Junior Research Group Leader at KIT (Karlsruhe/Germany)
Nov_2014 - Jun_2016

Postdoc at SNS (Pisa/Italy)

(supported by a DFG research grant)

Jan_2013 - Oct_2014

Postdoc at KIT (Karlsruhe/Germany)

(supported by the Klaus-Tschira Stiftung)

Jan 2013

PhD in mathematics at KIT

Dissertation title:   "Ground states, Bifurcations and singular solutions of Nonlinear Schroedinger systems"

Advisor: Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Reichel   

Co-Advisors: Prof.Dr. Michael Plum, Prof. Dr. Thomas Bartsch

Apr_2009 - Jan_2013 Research Assistant at KIT
Apr 2009

Diploma in technical mathematics at KIT

Thesis title:   "Symmetriegruppen von Klassen vollständig nichtlinearer Differentialgleichungen und Pseudodifferentialgleichungen"

Advisor: Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Reichel

Oct_2003 - Apr_2009 Studies of technical mathematics at KIT and UJF Grenoble / France