A few links:


  • Feb 2019: A new paper with Casteras on the nonlinear Helmholtz equation in hyperbolic space is now available on ArXiv
  • Dec 2018: Our new paper on nonlinear damping for the Lugiato-Lefever equation is on ArXiv
  • Dec 2018: My paper on the LAP for periodic Schrödinger operators was accepted for publication in CIMP
  • Nov 2018: My new paper on nonlinear Helmholtz and curl-curl equations is on ArXiv
  • Nov 2018: A new paper on bifurcation results for nonlinear Helmholtz systems is submitted
  • May 2018: My paper on secondary bifurcation was accepted for publication in TMNA

Upcoming Events

  • 2019, Sep: Minisymposium at the DMV conference
  • 2019, Aug: Waves conference Vienna
  • 2019, May: Conference in Gaeta